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Moments that Make Me Smile


Anytime I work with children I capture those moments that just make you smile. It could be a yawn, a sneeze, a laugh or just a funny expression – here are a few of my favorites, I hope that make you smile too!


This one screams “mom….seriously, I can’t deal with this kid, I’m over this photo shoot.”


Even though nothing is in focus I love this picture, it shows this little guy’s sense of curiosity.


At the end of the shoot when you just want your passie and to take a ride in your little pink wagon!




A Little More About Me


Since I will be sharing current client’s stories and photos I thought I would take some time to share some of my favorite pictures and some of the stories behind them. Then from now on I will be posting current clients and their stories. The main image above was from a spur of the moment idea I had about a local event that happens in my home town. Sun-n-Fun happens in the spring time every year and make the airport in Lakeland one of the busiest airports in the nation on this particular week. The Saturday morning towards the end of the week, at sunrise, they have a hot air balloon race. I thought how cool would it be to follow a family as they watch this event take place. I put it out there on Facebook that I have this idea for a family portrait session – this image above features the Martin Family, a lovely family of four, they got up super early to be there as the sun and these hot air balloons rose. I am so happy how this session turned out, it was very natural – I didn’t have to pose them I just let them be and experience this really cool event.


This is another one of my favorites – and no there isn’t going to be a theme of pictures of people with their backs to me – these are the children of two different families. One of these families I have been photographing their family for three years in a row now. I have watched their family grow from four to a family of five (the latest addition is the little one there with the droopy drawers) – I love coming back to this beach to capture them, I hope they continue this tradition and I get to continue to watch them grow up. The image below is that family – see I have front facing images.


This shoot was VERY special to me – Laura and I have been friends since elementary school. When her mom contacted me that she was coming home from Pennsylvania and she wanted me to take some engagement pictures for Laura and her fiance Sean as a surprise I was so excited! We spent a laid back evening in a local spot down town where she and I have taken many photos for events such as homecoming or prom. I wish she and Sean the best!


This is a shot from one of my very first weddings – this is Donnie and Jenny. They met because of mutual friends and were just the perfect couple, they have a simple small ceremony and a celebration with their closet friends and family. I was very blessed to have them be one of my firsts, I remained clam and stayed organized, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.This is one of my favorite images from that day, it was their first moment alone after being married.



Welcome to Emily Plank Photography!


It’s only fair that as you allow me to witness part of your story, I tell you a little bit about mine.

I was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida – I have never lived anywhere else (except for college, which was basically just an extended stay in another city). Lakeland is home to me; I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love this city and what is has become; as I have grown up, it seems Lakeland has grown up too. I wish to always call this place home, while still creating opportunities to explore other wonderful places. I think traveling makes you appreciate home a little more.

Art is a tradition in my family – whether it is drawing, music, singing or performing, I have been surrounded by art my entire life. Art is created and appreciated daily in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I grew up with loving parents and grandparents who celebrated and supported my love of being creative. My paternal grandfather is very creative and loves to work with his hands – he can dream up a concept and then execute a plan. My maternal grandfather is also gifted- he is a self-taught musician, excellent storyteller and drawer. I believe that much of my creativity came from them.

My first passion that I discovered early in life was drawing. My bookshelves are filled with countless sketchbooks and drawings from an early age. I believe that my love of photography stems from drawing. My favorite thing to draw has always been people; portraits fill countless pages in my sketch books. Graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, college is where my passion for photography began. Graduating with a degree in drawing helped me push my creative boundaries and helps me in conceptualizing a photograph. Having a formal understanding for what makes a good drawing or painting helps me all the time with photography.

My very first photo shoot was capturing the engagement of my two best friends. When they asked me to take their engagement pictures, I was a little surprised by their request since I didn’t own professional equipment and I wanted their photos to beautiful and special, but they had faith in me. The shoot turned out great for someone who kind of knew what she was doing but was mainly working off hunches and guesses. After that, people kept asking and I kept shooting. Eventually, I thought, “I have something really amazing going on here.”

Photography is not just a job to me. I have the desire to create beautiful images that capture the timelessness of each person’s unique story. I love hearing a story and capturing it through my lens. I have grown so much since that first photo shoot and I continue to grow with each session. I constantly push myself to do better and conceptually think about each shoot. Whether you have been following my work since the beginning or have just stumbled upon this site, thank you for your support, love, and encouragement. If I haven’t already, I hope to have the opportunity to learn and witness part of the story that makes you so unique, portraying it timelessly through my love of the art of photography.