Eloping at the National Botanical GardensJa’Qualane + Duan

How I stumbled upon two people eloping at the National Botanical Gardens

Two weekends ago I took a spur of the moment trip to Washington DC with a good friend of mine – on the first day of our trip we decided to do some things on our own and explore parts of the city. While my friend met up with some of her old college friends I set out to explore the Mall and Capitol Hill. My first stop was the National Gallery where I wandered around for over an hour, inspired by the likes of Monet, Manet, Pollack and Jasper Johns – next I found myself wandering towards the Capitol building with the goal to go to the Library of Congress (which is one of my favorite places). On my way I noticed the National Botanical Gardens – I’ve only been to DC once before when I was 11 years old – the gardens were something I don’t remember, so I decided to stop in.

Upon entering the most amazing green house I have ever been in I look to my left and see two girls taking a selfie then I look to my right and I notice a young couple kissing. I walk up to what I assumed was a friend taking pictures with a cell phone – I asked her ‘Did they just get married?’ and with a big smile she responded ‘Yes! They eloped!’ I quickly introduced myself, told them I was a photographer, handed them my card and asked if they wanted a few portraits done to remember the day by – what you see below is what I captured. I loved this – I think it might have been my favorite moment of the trip! I was so blessed to have met these two and capture these moments for them it brought me so much joy!