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June 12, 2017Erin + Josh Lakeland, Florida WeddingIt was the perfect day filled with ALL the feels, ALL of them....

Lakeland Florida Wedding-125


Erin + Josh

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Lakeland, Florida

Venues: The Residence of the Bride’s Family, Highland Park Church of the Nazarene, The Clubhouse at Highlands by the Lake

Erin and Josh met at Florida Southern college when Erin’s best friend Emily told her to accept a friend request on Facebook from this boy names Josh and not to worry about it, the rest was history. Surrounded by family and friends Erin and Josh were wed on Monday at one o’clock in the afternoon in one of the sweetest ceremonies. Erin got ready at her parents home in Lakeland, Florida along with her bride tribe – the getting ready process was filled with laughter and a few happy tears – they were so excited the day had finally come that these two best friends were getting married.

Erin looks stunning in her dress and as you will see “all the feels” in the photo of her dad seeing her for the first time (which he wasn’t supposed to until later, but that’s what makes the moment more perfect right?) Josh was very handsome in his suit and socks that are for their upcoming honeymoon! My favorite moment of the day had to be when Erin and Josh exchanged gifts back to back before seeing each other for the first time. Josh gave Erin one of the most thoughtful gifts, notes ‘for when’ she needed them – more feels for everyone as you can imagine how sweet that gift is to a bride from her soon to be husband!

The reception was simple and sweet with great food from the Rusty Pig and all the florals from Taylormade Florals but what blew me away was that the Brides mom did all the decor and design for the reception, you could really tell all the thought and love that she put into it, their were so many details! Kaci Gingras was the coordinator and made sure everything ran smoothly and on time and Casie Marie was my amazing second photographer for the day!