July 27th, 2017Caitlin + Tim Maternity Session Sneak PeekBok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida

This couple means so much to me, I’ve been getting the question a lot recently, “How did you get started in photography?”… I credit these two (soon to be three).

Eight years ago I was entering my sophomore year at the University of Florida and I was paired up with someone I didn’t really know as my roommate at our sorority house and two nights into the year we played musical chairs – roommate addition – and that’s how Caitlin, the one now pregnant with her first child, and I became roommates. Caitlin and I had become friends the year before and little did I know that how close we would become over the next year and how she would change and shape my future career path.

I have never known Caitlin without Tim, he was a part of the picture from the beginning of our friendship, I affectionately called them Mom & Dad (away from home) because they always took care of me in college – including the almost weekly routine dinner outing to Moes!

They are the couple that started it all for me, my first professional session, although I really had no clue what to do – when Tim proposed to Caitlin there was no “will you” it was “Emily you’re going to take our engagement photos” – Ok, go time. Caitlin saw the spark from the beginning, she was there when I took my first photography class and saw how much I loved it.

That session lasted almost 5 hours if I remember correctly and poor Tim and I were suffering from allergies the entire time, him more so than I. I was so proud, and still am, of that session – it was the beginning of it all for me. From there we celebrated anniversaries, pregnancy announcements and now we are waiting on the birth of their first child – Caleb.