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October 14, 2017Elizabeth + ShawnSorosis Building, Lakeland, Florida

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how perfect this day was, we had great weather, a fun wedding party and pretty details. Elizabeth and Shawn got married at the Sorosis Building this past Saturday and the day could not have gone any smoother! These are the days that make me forget that this is my job, I truly enjoyed being with this group and capturing all the special moments. We shared a lot of laughs and sweet moments, there was so much love in the air!

Enjoy the sneak peek!!

September 17, 2017Kathy + Carlos Engagement SessionLake Mirror, Lakeland, Floirda

I am so excited to share this sneak peek of Kathy and Carlos’s engagement session, we went for a simple stroll around Lake Mirror. We came up with the idea for this session when we first met each other at Lakeland Brewing Company to chat about their wedding day, the sun was setting over the lake and it was just breath taking. I can’t wait for their wedding this December at the Sorosis building!

PS. Can we talk about that pant suit she’s wearing?


July 27th, 2017Caitlin + Tim Maternity Session Sneak PeekBok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida

This couple means so much to me, I’ve been getting the question a lot recently, “How did you get started in photography?”… I credit these two (soon to be three).

Eight years ago I was entering my sophomore year at the University of Florida and I was paired up with someone I didn’t really know as my roommate at our sorority house and two nights into the year we played musical chairs – roommate addition – and that’s how Caitlin, the one now pregnant with her first child, and I became roommates. Caitlin and I had become friends the year before and little did I know that how close we would become over the next year and how she would change and shape my future career path.

I have never known Caitlin without Tim, he was a part of the picture from the beginning of our friendship, I affectionately called them Mom & Dad (away from home) because they always took care of me in college – including the almost weekly routine dinner outing to Moes!

They are the couple that started it all for me, my first professional session, although I really had no clue what to do – when Tim proposed to Caitlin there was no “will you” it was “Emily you’re going to take our engagement photos” – Ok, go time. Caitlin saw the spark from the beginning, she was there when I took my first photography class and saw how much I loved it.

That session lasted almost 5 hours if I remember correctly and poor Tim and I were suffering from allergies the entire time, him more so than I. I was so proud, and still am, of that session – it was the beginning of it all for me. From there we celebrated anniversaries, pregnancy announcements and now we are waiting on the birth of their first child – Caleb.